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Air Force Recruiter: Air Force Careers

The US Air Force is the most powerful and resourceful military force in the world. Although, Air Force is over- populated at present, there still are attractive Air Force career options available in this sphere.

In order to reduce its size for having an influential Air Force Career a revised Career Reservation List (CJR) list has been formed. Under this program, first – term airmen are supposed to compete for a limited number of re-enlistment groups or slots, and get into one; and if not then agree to be retrained.

As far as Air Force Recruiters for healthy Air Force Career is concerned, the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is the largest source of trained officers for Air Force. It offers two educational programs – Air Force Senior ROTC and Air Force Junior ROTC. Its units are located at 143 colleges and universities in USA and Puerto Rico. Another Air Force Recruiter is the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) and offers more than 1350 active technical courses.

The US Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) has a mission to defend the United States by the means of air and space. It has 37 flying wings, have their own aircraft and seven associate units. There are some 620 mission support units in the AFRC. The Office of the US Air Force Reserve, in Washington D.C. is headed by the Chief of Air Force Reserve, a Reserve Major General.

The US Air Force Pay has been designed in a manner, that it can provide maximum benefit to the ones who need it the most. The air force pay is determined by the rank, marital status and numbers in years of service provided by an officer.

Although, the US Air Force has its own methods for sharing information, its links to the internal free chat rooms are kept confidential. There are some chat rooms that are subject to air force and are even called free chat rooms. Such chat rooms can be found on various famous websites and show many air force officers sharing their views and opinions.

Air Force Reserves make a recruiting goal every year, and for the fourth year in a row, the Air Force Command recruiters have exceeded their goal. Air Force Reserve had succeeded in getting 9636 new recruits by the end of August, 2004; where there goal until September 30, was 9600.

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