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Air Force Recruiter: US Air Force Reserve

The US Air Force Reserve is an integral and essential component in the United States defense mechanism. This is a federal force responsible for contributing to the Air Force missions and operations around the world. The reservists are trained people ready for duty on short notice. Airlifting and refueling are their primary responsibilities. The Air Force Reserve provides functional mission support units for aerial port operations.

The Air Force Reserve constitutes little more than 10 percent of the manpower in the US Air Force. Reservists take part in more than 30 percent of its missions. It has over 400 aircrafts assigned to it. Most of these are fuel tankers and transport aircrafts.

The US Air Force Reserve is vital to the effectiveness of the American military in general and the Air Force in particular. Being a combat force, it plays an integral role in national defense. Besides, it takes part in international humanitarian relief missions around the world. Such missions include activities like repairing roads and schools, airlifting essential supplies etc.

The US Air Force Reserve Headquarters is situated at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. It monitors and oversees the regular activities of over 300 flying and support units.

The US Air Force Reserve comprises of thirty-six wings. Each wing is in charge of a core mission. A variety of specially tasked squadrons makes up each wing collaborating to complete the mission. The reserve wings report to one of three numbered Air Forces.

The US Air Force Reserve has a number of special categories. The Reservists usually serve in the Unit Program. Here, they need to report for duty at least one weekend each month and an additional two weeks a year. Each month the reservists participate in average more than 360 missions abroad. They extend support to the US Air Force and branches of US Armed Forces in a variety of ways. These include intelligence, military training, communications, civil engineering, airlifting, aerial refueling, rescue and force-projection, combat logistics support and other services.

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