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Air Force Recruiter: US Air Force and Air Force Reserve

Above and beyond all you could imagine in a job

That's the US Air Force Reserve. Where else can you get paid to train with the best, travel around the world, make life-long friends and get an education?

As a US Air Force reservist you'll have opportunities that go beyond any civilian experience. For only two days a month, two weeks a year of US Air Force reserve duty, you'll be able to bring your future into better focus and take yourself above and beyond a call of duty.

Reserve Pay and Personal Recognition
You'll earn good pay for your two days a month of US Air Force reserve training, plus 15 days of annual tour and compensation for any additional days you choose to put in. Your reserve pay will also be adjusted automatically for cost-of-living increases.

What's more, you'll get pay increases for every two years of accumulated reserve service and additional pay if you're on flying status. Your accomplishments in the US Air Force Reserve will also be recognized through awards, decorations and promotions.

Money For College
If you have your mind set on college or trade school with help from the US Air Force Reserve, there is financial assistance through the Montgomery GI Bill, which offers eligible US Air Force reservists military scholarship money for a college education.

And because there are US Air Force Reserve units all over the country, there's a good chance you could attend college or trade school and still easily train two days a month, two weeks a year.

Job Training
With first-rate, hands-on training and the most high-tech equipment, the US Air Force Reserve will prepare you to meet all the job challenges in the civilian world.

Plus, the US Air Force Reserve gives you some of the most challenging and satisfying career options. Whatever you choose to pursue, at the end of the day you'll feel the gratification only an Air Force Reservist has come to know.

While you're gaining valuable job experience and building your career, you'll have the opportunity to travel the world. Depending on your career field, you could be on a reserve mission overseas or seeking adventures within the country. As you're perfecting your skills, you'll discover new places and people, and get paid for it.

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